Personnel Doors


These doors have been designed specifically to compliment the existing Thermo suite of doors. The flush leaf detail combined with a versatile frame detail is designed to be fitted to masonry, stud and insulated panel walls. This door type suits a wide range of locations from hygiene, pharmaceutical and clean rooms areas to commercial and industrial premises.


Technical Specification

Door Leaf Finish Frame

Flush leaf

Stainless steel with circular-polished finish, matt brush finish and weave-embossed

Rebated to part frame for easy installation in panel, stud or blockwork wall

43mm door thickness

Plastisol HP200 or PVF2 in a variety of colours

Tear gaskets are fitted to insure a smoothclose along with excellant air and hygiene seals.

Insulated foam core

Food safe laminated steel finish, 12m thickness

Available in stainless steel or powder coated finish.

Flush fitting

  No visible fixing front or back
    Off standard sizes available on request
    Wall anchors are provided to installation in masonry
Fittings Options Sizes
The door is fitted with stainless steel lever handle Double leaf version with 'one acive' or 'both active'. Our standard sizes of 850x2075mm C/O to suit a standard masonry ope size of 910x2110mm
Anti-bacterial plastic handles and roses can be specified where required. Off standard frame designs to fit all possible situations. Off standad sizes available on request.
Locking by euro profile cylinder as standard. Inward opening or double swing version.  
Stainless steel hinges. Auto drop gasket to form 4-sided seal.  
Door can be fitted with a pull handle, push plate and door closer. Kick plates.  
Doors can also be fitted with panic bar with or without external access.  

Square or circular vision panel in stainless steel or powder coated finish.


  Alarm triggered closing.  

Download Personnel Doors Brochure: TDH40