Sliding Doors

TDS80 | TDS120                                                                                                     Carcass Chill Option


Thermo's TDS sliding system has set new standards of hygiene and quality. Our highly developed stainless steel rail combined with counter balance drop and seal system guarantee perfect running, easy hygiene preservation and simple maintenance. With an options list going from stainless steel protection to full automation, our TDS door systems are the ideal solution for a wide variety of installations and locations.  Thermo has 25 years' experience designing and installing sliding doors to the meat processing industry in Ireland. Thermo's TDS120/SLO/CC sliding doors are specifically designed to accomodate both split rail & cantilever meat rail systems. The doors are equipped  with a 3 roller set of cantilever tracks that are combined with frame head dimensions to suit every track and consistantly delivering a smooth, easily opened door that will deliver years of reliable service.



Door Leaf Running Gear Finish Face Fixed Frame Options
80mm door thickness for chill application. Aluminium sliding track allows the door to slide with ease. Galvanised steel sheet laminated 120 my RAL  Frame clad in the same finish as the door leaf A wide variety of frame designs to fit all possible situations.
120mm door thickness for freezer application.

All brackets and fixings in Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel with circular-brush, matt-brush, strip brush and weave-embossed finish. Wood or PE 500 polycarbonate core. Back Frame.
Snap in silicone rubber gasket and thermal break. Indentation drops on the rail allow the leaf to drop down and back insuring a perfect air and hygiene seal. Plastisol of HP200 (if needed to match colour) 12mm bolts and Buffalo T nut bolt through fixings. Kick Plates and Stainless Steel Protection Bars.
Adjustable door height Solid stainless steel external and internal handle, plastic internal handle with flexible knuckle protection.   In freezer door spec (TDS120) on exchangable heater cable is housed in a flush housing with the frame. A trweshold heater is supplied with 100mm wide stainless steel capped unit fitting flush with FFL. Vision Panel.
        Internal Release Lock.
        Automation with programmable 

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